Welcome to CyanogenPSP

You're probably here because you've seen my project appear on my YouTube channel or my Google+, or one of the PSP hacking scene sites where I'd normally hang out. I've been maintaining this project for a year a few months now and by that, you should be able to conculde that I am an Android Enthusiast. My aim here is not to provide something that's way beyond the PSP's limitations, but to provide an altervative to a modernized UI design. This project pretty much lets you do anything a regular PSP with Custom Firmware would do, along with some nifty features all built-in one package. Below you will see the main features of this project. If you are looking for the change-log, you can find that here: here

Make yourself at home

This project offers you with a wide variety of the most renown languages around the globe. With many translators contributing on our transifex page, CyanogenPSP offers 13 languages to choose from. All of which includes carefully selected words, giving you the best experience in your own native language. I do not take any credit for these translations. All credit goes to the respective translators on transifex and GBAtemp.

Beautifully Revamped Homescreen

Are you tired of using the XMB? and you want expereince a more modernized UI. It's time to dust of your PSP, and complement it with Android's latest and greatest design - The Android Lollipop UI. This project's UI carefully mimics the lollipop design head to toe, without missing one pixel of detail. It also offers an app drawer which can be opened by pressing the app drawer button, which then gives you access to more apps and features.

Customize to your extent

From changing your wallpaper to pimping up your PSP with themes, icon packs and your own custom fonts! CyanogenPSP slightly mocks the well-known theme manager in CyanogenMod, by offering its own minimal cutomization. You can toggle the gameboot, the boot animation, the day/night widget, and even one of android's well known features - the expanded desktop. While it doesn't work in exactly the same way as Android does, it offers its "PSP version" that behaves pretty much the same.

Manage your files

There isn't much to explain here, because most of these are self explanatory. CyanogenPSP's file manager lets you open and view sub folders, play your music files (MP3, BGM, WAV, AT3 and MOD files), open and view pictures (JPG, PNG and GIF) and text files. It also lets you create folders, rename and delte folders/files. The file manager also lets you load homebrews, even though there we have the game launcher as a built in feature.

Play Music

Play your music whenever, wherever. CyanogenPSP supports up to 5 types of audio files. These inlude MP3, BGM, WAV, AT3 and MOD files. Another cool thing is, The music player also lets you browse the web while your music is still playing, which is something the PSP restricts you from doing. If you need to return to your homescreen while the music is playing? Press 'select' and it will let you do just that.

View Pictures

CyanogenPSP supports the 3 most widely used image files: JPG, PNG and GIF. View your pictures either from the file manager or the gallery app. It also lets you take screenshots, without the use of any plugins. Just tap the 'note' button, and you should hear the screenshot shutter tone which indiciates that you've taken a screenshot. You can also replace your current wallpaper by pressing the 'sqaure' button to open the prompt when viewing a picture and then press the 'cross' button to accept the change.

Manage your Performance

Do you need to save your juice while you're out? CyanogenPSP offers battery managment settings that helps you optimize your battery performance. You can either have it on high performance, balanced or power save mode. It also lets you view your RAM usage, CPU states and overclock/underclock your CPU if you wish to. You can view your avialable storage by selecting the "Storage Management" option and access USB mode if you need to.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Sure, the PSP lets you prevent unauthorized access to your web browser, but does it secure the whole PSP system? Yeah, I think not. This is where CyanogenPSP's security settings kick in. While the PSP only lets you use a 4 digit pin lock, this project extends this to either a 20 character password, which can be written in any language or if you wish, a 4 digit pin lock.

Developer Settings

CyanogenPSP also lets you view your PSP's screen on your laptop via the built in RemoteJoyLite Integration. If you're a developer or a high end user who's willing to access 'game breaking' features for modding or other general purposes, CyanogenPSP has an experimental features toggle that lets you access these features. The built in "Dark Skin" mode, is a replica of the new Anroid Marsmallow's dark theme feature introduced in its developer settings.

In the end it's just a PSP

This isn't some high end mobile device running android, it's just a PSP homebrew designed to look like it. While it offers a bunch of features in contrast to the XMB, in the end it lets you keep your PSP's main purpose - to game. Launch your UMD backups, or PSN content (whether it be minis or PS1 classics) via the game launcher without any problems. Run your game plugins, homebews and emulators just as if you were running it on a Custom Firmware

Donations are welcome :)