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A site where I share all the information about my projects' current progress.


The programms displayed on this page are programmed as a personal interest or a hobby.
I will not be responsible for any damage that occurs to any of your gadgets.
Most, if not all my projects are licensed, feel free to review them if you wish.
Use these programs your own risk. If you'd like to donate, you can find the link at
the bottom of the page, thank you.

VITAident v0.2

Displays PSID (Thanks SMOKE)
Added automatic screenshot upon exit. (Heavily based off of Rinnegatamante's screenshot.c from rinCheat. so, thanks Rinnegatamante.) Note: The screenshot is saved under ux0:/data/VID000016/screenshots/
Now displays MAC address properly.
Now displays IP address.
Minor code clean-up.

Download Build 0.2

3DSident v0.4

Fixed NNID num detection
Added title count
Display screen type - Thanks SciresM!

Download Build 0.4

Cyanogen3DS Alpha v1.0

Implemented digital time and day/night widget.
Includes battery status, which displays 20-100 in incremental of 20's and charging status.
Implemented basic lock screen. Press L to activate and 'A' on the lock icon to unlock. That's all it does for now.
Implemented navigation bar. Touching the back button on the bottom screen takes you back to a previous state. Touching the home button takes you home.
Implemented Power menu. Press 'Y' will open the power menu.
Implemented settings. Only certain functions work as of now, such as About, Performance -> Storage Management and Developer Options.
Implemented About section which displays the following:
Current Cyanogen3DS Version along with compile date.
3DS Model, region and Mac Address.
Implemented Performance -> Storage Management which displays the following:
Displays SD storage and CTR NAND storage statuses
Implemented Developer Options which lets you do the following:
Toggle Dark theme mode
Toggle experimental features. - This needs to be turned on to access some restricted features that are still heavily a work in progress. (These include the swap display toggle, file manager and other features under the hood.)
Switch display toggle (Doesn't work yet, but can be turned on after enabling experimental features. I'd advise you not to do since it has barely been touched).
Fixed WiFi status. Now displays WiFi Status correctly in a range from NULL to 3 (Null, 0, 1, 2, 3)
Date and time is now displayed properly. This includes day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc) and date (1-28/29/30/31) and month.
File checks have been fixed. Certain settings no longer resets upon reboot.
Fixed missing backdrop asset in app drawer when dark theme is enabled.
Slightly improved quick settings. It is currently disabled until it is fully fixed.
Added model check for N3DS models. If detected performance boost will be enabled.
Slightly improved speed by loading all fonts at start up, rather than loading and unloading in real time.
Fixed many mis-alignment issues.
Made many code clean ups and changes to improve overall stability.

Download Build 1.0

CyanogenPSP v6.0


Updated recovery design and tweaked some recovery menu settings.
New icon pack customization. (Settings->Display->Themes->Icon Packs)
App drawer icons can now be modified with icon packs.
Fully customizable themes. (Settings->Display->Themes->Styles)
Now uses the proper Android cursor icon.
Minor RAM menu improvements
Renamed "Ram Management" to "Memory", under Settings->Performance.
Includes a progress bar that shows how much RAM is available from the total.
Displays percentage of RAM used.
Displays percentage of RAM available.
Added control.prx (kernel module). Allows you to access vol+, vol- and note buttons.
Added impose.prx (kernel module). Allows you to access sceImpose functions.
Added volume control. Can be accessed by pressing vol - or vol +.
Updated display.prx - Moved impose functions to impose module.
Added power management settings. (Settings->Performance->Battery Management)
Includes powersave, balanced and performance as its choices.
Volume controls can now be accessed everywhere in the GUI except the recovery menu.
CPU states are restored after MP3 playing.
CPU states are now displayed correctly in Settings->Performance->Processor.
Settings menu - no longer allows you to overclock/underclock your CPU when power save mode is on.
Added Polish translation - Thank you pawelosro!
Added German translation - Thank you Dimistoteles!
Updated French translation - Thanks Mahmoudos!
Added Dutch translation - Thank you Arikuzo!
Updated German translation - Thank you Ciapa!
Added Spanish translation - Thank you Randomdude0!
Added Portuguese translation - Thank you Gustavo Fraga Pacheco!
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation - Thank you Hargrun!
Added language selection option under settings->display.
Added Norwegian translation - Thank you Ridge!
App Drawer: Now uses 6 columns instead of 7. This gets rid of a lot of overlapping issues.
Added a new language selection screen during first boot.
Cleaned up and revamped power menu.
Uses bin files for file handling.
Added Romanian translation - Thank you imhotep4!
Added Italian translation - Thank you nerdvana89!
Added progressive animation to volume and brightness slider.
Added Russian and Ukrainian translation - Thank you Vasniktel and Raithwall!
Now uses PSP_CTRL_NOTE (Note button) to take screenshots instead of R + Triangle.
Recovery Menu now has a reboot to XMB option.
Allow only images to be opened when changing wallpapers. This fixes issues when trying to load other files in the wallpaper section.
App Drawer backdrop image can now be themed.
Many of the highlighting assets in the settings menu can now be themed.
Revamped font menu.
Font sizes are now available. (Settings->Display->Themes->Fonts->Font Size)
Color values used in animations and progress bars can now be themed.
With the new theme manager function, many more assets can be themed.
Revamped and realigned the battery charging status icon.
Reorganized the whole navigation bar function. It now uses less resources and is also more theme friendly.
Updated preincluded wallpapers to the most recent ones provided by CyanogenMod.
Replaced USB debugging option (PSPLink) with an experimental features toggle. Allows you to access W.I.P apps such as calculator and messages.
Repositioned toggles to make it more efficent for certain languages.
CPU states cannot be changed while music is playing in the background.
Added a dark skin toggle under developer options. (Similar to Android Marshmallow's feature)
Uses PSP's native media engine rather than libmad:
This loads mp3's faster and sounds better. There is also little to no laggs when music is playing in the background.
Memory management is better.
The play/pause button is now indicated properly.
Time elapsed now shows on the bottom right corner just above the play/pause button.
Play/Pause button is now indicated properly when playing BGM, WAV, AT3 and MOD files.


Updated language string lengths.
Fixed critical return button issue when trying to return to a previous menu.
Messenger is inaccessible due to incompletion.
Fixed minor font color issues.
Calculator is inaccessible due to incompletion.
Fixed up online updates. However this will no longer be updated.
Fixed UMD loading.
Cleaned up default configs.
Fixed up power management settings issues.
Fixed a strange crash after exiting file manager.
Fixed up homebrew, POPS and ISO loading issues due to major changes in code.
Fixed gallery return issue, after vewing an image.
Fixed return screen glitch, in Music, Gallery and Game app.
Fixed minor memeory leak in gallery app and settings.
Fixed another minor memory leak in settings menu.
Fixed theme, fonts, icon packs and language selection bug when user tries to return to previous menu by using '..'
Fixed CPU state values when overclocking/underlocking.
Cleaned up quick settings and volume bar layout.
Fixed a critical issue with loading wallpapers, themes and icon packs.
Fixed showImage(); return misplacement.
Fixed return issues after exiting image preview.
Fixed a minor issue with the 'security' button overlapping incorrectly.
Fixed misalignment when battery status reaches 100%.
Reorganized how the theme manager works - It is now somewhat faster.
Fixed battery status alignment under quick settings.
Disallow cursor movement while the cross button is held - This fixes the issue with the quick settings up showing up every time you pull the analog stick down while the cross button is held.
Fixed power save crash. It now draws the image rather than loading one when using power save.
Got rid of a bunch of unnecessary assets.
Fixed crashes when trying to open other files apart from pictures in the gallery app.
Fixed file manager's options menu having an unreadable font issue.
Fixed the " has been found" issue even when there isn't any.
Fixed incorrect battery and CPU states during startup.
Fixed a minor issue with Polish translation on welcome screen.
Fixed credits menu returning to settings instead of the about screen when circle is pressed.
Fixed battery status not being hidden when using expanded desktop.
Fixed crash in lockscreen after enabling swipe to unlock feature.
Fixed month of the year overlapping the day of the week when quick settings is used.
Fixed time not being displayed when using the power menu while having power save enabled.
Fixed font sizes showing the wrong size selected after selection.
Fixed zip file extraction. Simply press the cross button while the .zip file is highlited and it will extract.
Fixed crash after exiting text view.
Fixed clock app showing the wrong time periods. (AM/PM)
Fixed misalignment with the time when 24 hour mode is enabled.
Fixed ID3 not parsing the Genre text correctly.
Fixed font sizes altering the brightness values.
Fixed incorrect CPU states during startup when using battery management settings.
Improved overall application stability and performance.
Massive code clean up and reorganization.
Reorganized many functions and statements.
Got rid of many unnecessary coding.
Removed many un-translated strings.
Deleted many unused files.
Fixed quick settings tiles not working.
Fixed brightness slider only allowing to be altered when the cursor is at the very top.
Fixed crash when entering WiFi menu.
Fixed time misalignment under quick settings.

Download Build 6.0 || Mirror

CyanoPSP (Kit kat designed version - Discontinued, please use CyanogenPSP instead)


Add option to change wallpaper.
Revamped game launcher. You no longer have to use the file manager to load eboots anymore.


Fix homebrew loading through ef0 (internal storage).

Download Build 3.1